We launch, own, and operate brands from scratch

Over the past few years, the traditional way in which brands are established, built, and scale has rapidly changed.  With the explosive growth of digital first D2C brands via social media and the continued rise of influencers who are leveraging their reach for marketing and distribution, it has created incredible opportunities for those that have a deep understanding of these markets and the operational infrastructure in place to execute.


Our approach to brand building

We leverage our extensive experience with influencer relationships and strategy and social media marketing as well as operational infrastructure to bring brands to market in industries where we see a white space. Kombo handles everything in house- from brand ideation, product development, financing, web development, social media, influencer marketing, and everything else in between. There are two types of ways we build brands, listed below.

Fully owned and operated

These are innovative brands that we either own or co-own with strategic partners. We ideate these brands from scratch, beginning with an idea and then eventually building out products, marketing, manufacturing, and distribution. We do not attach any single influencer to the brand; rather, we leverage our expertise in influencer relationships and marketing as a competitive advantage to launch the brand. Once launched, we continue to operate them either completely in-house or in collaboration with our partners.

Influencer-driven brands

Certain mega-influencers reach a point in their careers where they’ve built an incredibly loyal audience and have a passion to build their own brand on the back of their success. Their relationship with their audience and massive distribution power work in harmony to form an incredible brand building opportunity. In partnering with these influencers, we become their business partners and build a brand from scratch together. Kombo handles the operations of the brand with the short-term goal of launching it with the influencer(s) and a long-term goal of growing it beyond the initial client to become a stand-alone brand.


Insert Name Here Hair

With an extensive background in the beauty space, we identified a gap in the extension, wig, and overall hair market. Our findings led us to co-found INH Hair in partnership with two LA-based entrepreneurs and beauty gurus, Sharon Pak and Jordynn Wynn, who started their careers as the first two employees at Colourpop Cosmetics. We discovered that very few brands in the industry had built a community via strong storytelling, creative content, social media marketing, and influencer relationships; we aimed to combine a strong community with quality products at an approachable price point. We conducted market research, established relationships with manufacturers, perfected our product to take to market, and launched the brand in the fall of 2018.

Brand Type
Owned & operated

October 2018

Internally funded