Brands require fresh perspectives and strategies to remain relevant. We provide them.

There’s no way around it: the digital landscape is changing, and quickly. The way in which brands communicate, grow, and acquire customers has shifted in parallel with the evolution of social media, influencers, and consumers’ mindset. At Kombo, we witness these shifts first-hand and use our gained knowledge and skills to help other companies adapt.

Kombo Consulting

We leverage our set of diverse skills to help companies adapt to a perpetually evolving digital landscape

Every brand is different, therefore, every brand requires different skillsets and strategies to remain relevant in today’s increasingly digital age. At Kombo, we apply our diverse range of skills in brand creation, brand growth, talent management, and investment to develop and implement strategies that fill growth, revenue, and relevance gaps that exist within other brands. We leverage our influencer relationships, experience, and fresh business perspective to help other brands effect change.

Our approach to consulting

01. Identify Gaps

Kombo builds, operates, and grows our own brands in-house, and we have been heavily involved in the influencer marketing and social media landscape for years. We leverage these skills to work with brands, identifying gaps that present growth opportunities and building and executing on shared strategies.

02. Plan

Because we operate our own brands, we understand that a strong, developed plan for improvement is critical. With our diverse set of concrete backgrounds in marketing, finance, brand development, private equity, and more, we strategize brand improvements with considerations from all angles

03. Implement

Execution is everything. Strategy is critical, but results speak volumes. Implementing a strategy smoothly and effectively requires constant integration and communication between a number of verticals. At Kombo, we house all of our departments in-house, and therefore have the ability to think and act quickly while executing strategy for brands.

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